JurisBytes, Inc. was founded in Spring of 2018 with one simple goal in mind: streamline attorney - client communications. Our premiere product, JurisMS, aims to effectively reduce the number one client complaint facing lawyers today: lack of communication.


Our Team

Two lawyers, a product designer and a software developer walk into a bar...  saw an opportunity to improve the experiences of lawyers and their clients, and decided to do something about it.

Our People

Ryan Mullis


  • Founder and CEO
  • Lawyer
  • Double Dawg
  • Competitive Ballroom Dancer

Jacob Davidson


  • CTO and Co-Founder
  • Product Designer by day, engineer by night
  • When he's not coding or designing, he's attempting to make things out of wood
  • Spirit animal: Octopus

Josh Humphreys


  • VP of Engineering and Co-Founder
  • Software Developer
  • Mississippi Native
  • Lover of Sports (Go Saints!)

Ashley Pepitone


  • CMO and Co-Founder
  • Lawyer
  • Boston Native
  • Painter, Mom, Cat Enthusiast